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Be Invincible! A Playbook for Reaching Your Full Potential by Vince Papale and Janet Cantwell-Papale with Time Vandehey.

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The Reviews Are In

You don’t have to be a football player to be inspired by Vince and Janet Papale. Their powerful message of persistence, and can-do determination is a formula for success in any walk of life.”
— Ray Didinger, Author of The Eagles Encyclopedia

“(Vince and I) have so much in common with our journeys, where (he) came from, where I came from, what we made out of our lives and careers. It’s like art imitating life.”
— Mark Wahlberg, star of Invincible

“Vince’s story inspired us in the movie ‘Invincible’ and now he and Janet have penned a great book that will help you clear the hurdles in life and cross the goal line with your arms in the air.”
— Billie Jean King, tennis legend

“Vince and Janet Papale are proof positive that the impossible is possible, the believers areachievers, and the inventive are invincible!”
— Pat Croce, serial entrepreneur and NY Times best selling author

“Inspiration, motivation, education, dedication, perspiration are the five keys to success.Vince and Janet cover all of them in this fantastic book.”
— Jim Germanakos, Season Four At-Home Champ,The Biggest Loser

Vince’s first book: INVINCIBLE – My Journey From Fan to Team Captain was a critically acclaimed success. Co-written by ESPN the Magazine Editor Chad Millman (The Detonator & The Odds) Vince fills in the cracks and tells in great depth his incredible journey that was documented by the Disney box office hit INVINCIBLE. There is much more to his story that is depicted on the silver screen as Vince’s success was tempered by a complicated family life, a past, that continued to haunt him, even as a hometown hero.

At its core INVINCIBLE, the movie and the book, is an underdog story that will inspire others to pursue their dreams too. In 1976 the fans of Philadelphia were looking for a motivating hero and now more than ever they need someone to look to use as a champion.

Mr. Invincible, as he has been called, has inspired tens of thousands with his passionate presentations in front of live audiences. His story is so much more than a football saga and as a cancer survivor he knows what it’s like to overcome the utmost of challenges on the gridiron of life . Fueled by the cheers of his motivated fans, and emails & letters from all over the world, he has decided to embark on a new project … a sequel of sorts, a second book entitled:


In it he will share his formula for success with Papale’s Playbook, Improvise & Adjust, White Knuckling It, and dozens of other tips for coping with everyday challenges. Once again Vince will re-invent himself as an author and provide for those with a vision the motivation and incentive to hold fast to their dreams.

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