Staying Invincible

I have to admit that it’s pretty cool when somebody walk’s up to me and says, “I can’t believe you’re in your late 60’s. What do you do? What do you take?” It cracks me up and I say having kids still in college keeps me on my toes. They won’t let me become a “swaying fossil” so to speak. Janet always kids me by saying that she’ll trade me in for a couple of 30 year olds if I get “old” on her. So, as they say, the senior citizen is now the new middle age. Marrying a jock keeps you on the balls of your feet too!

Staying invincible is a synergy of your mind, body & spirit. When the body is fit the mind and spirit will fall instep. And right now I’m going to focus on the body piece and health & nutrition. When I trained for the Eagles training camp I took the attitude that that there would be so many mental & psychological challenges thrown at me that I couldn’t allow myself to get distracted. When the body breaks down the mind follows. So I decided I was going to get into the best physical condition I could before training camp. If fatigue it was physical, not mental, I could snap back like a rubber band and stay mentally focused. However, I never ran out of fuel.

But that was a different era and time in my life. You take your health & invincibility for granted. Now, decades later, I know better. Being a cancer survivor I’ve learned the hard way about the importance of a healthy diet & lifestyle. A low energy level means a low achievement level. To stay invincible be proactive in looking after your body and your mind. Good health begins in the kitchen and in the gym … of course Janet and I still work out, as Coach Vermeil says, “nobody ever drowned in sweat!” We eat healthy, and she cooks healthy, and we also like our Isotonix supplements. They are the greatest “delivery” system ever as we drink them to provide us with multi vitamins, OPC, joint relief, and anti aging formulas. We have been taking our Isotonix supplements, developed by Market America, for nearly 20 years. For more information on that and them please click here

To stay Invincible you’ve gotta stay in shape. Take that walk with the dog, ride your bike, go to the gym … do whatever it takes to bring the heart rate up to a safe level of exertion. Janet & I both believe in a circuit training type of routine enhanced with a lot of stretching. We’d love to share our program with you so just contact us at:

Finally, don't be afraid to go the extra degree … the one that gives you power, like 212 degrees gives us steam and that translates into power. You have the control to do whatever you want if you possess the attitude and work ethic to do whatever you want to keep the dream alive.

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